Saturday, May 10, 2014

Meat sacrificed to idols

Could anyone help me out here? I understand that one of my favoured pizzas at Pizza Express is made with ritually slaughtered meat  over which  invocations are made to a god I do not recognise as the Holy & Undivided Trinity. It rather seems it me that in conscience I'll have to stop eating them and let Pizza Express know as much. Am I right?


Blogger Patricius said...

For what is worth- and I claim no specialist knowledge- it seems to me that it all hangs upon whether or not the ritual slaughtering and invocation of the idol actually constitutes a formal sacrifice- in other words something made over to the idol as an act of worship- or whether the act is believed to "purify" said meat so as to not incur the presumed defilement of the devotees of that idol. If the former, the eating of the food might well constitute a participation or an act of communion with the sacrifice and thereby involvement in the worship of the idol. This, I think, was the kind of thing that the Council of the Apostles in Jerusalem (Acts of the Apostles) were concerned that gentile converts should avoid. On the other hand if these idolaters were merely performing what was intended as a purificatory ritual- all other things being equal- I should be inclined to view their actions as merely superfluous and indicative of their ignorance of the truth- indeed much the same as the labelling of innocuous foodstuffs as "suitable for vegetarians". By the grace of God I am a Catholic and not a Vegetarian and so I may enjoy vegetarian approved foodstuffs with my meat.
Except on Fridays!
On the other hand I should not be very happy if I thought that the slaughtering involved undue suffering for the animal.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I am well aware that Muslims and Christians have different approaches in matters regarding God. Yet we can and must be worshippers of the one God who created us and is concerned about each person in every corner of the world. Together we must show, by our mutual respect and solidarity, that we consider ourselves members of one family: the family that God has loved and gathered together from the creation of the world to the end of human history." (Pope Benedict XVI, 6 November 2008.)
While it seems reasonable and good to let them know your views on this kind of food preparation being imposed on all (which seems to happen in some school kitchens too), in the light of BXVI's words I think you can probably go ahead and enjoy your pizza in the meantime. Best wishes from Fr Paul Francis CP

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