Thursday, December 20, 2012

Liturgy in Glasgow - about to change?

There are liturgical rumblings in the Archdiocese of Glasgow

I hear that the new Archbishop, ++Philip, has been challenged at a recent seminar, in the most filial way, by one of impeccable loyalty and orthdoxy, about the provision of the TLM and traditional Catholic music in the Archdiocese.

Now, the rumblings continue and many of us are concerned that the resources to ensure that the liturgy when celebrated in most churches of the Archdioceses, whether in English or in Latin is done with sufficient dignity and with an eye to the hermeneutic of continuity in the liturgy so soundly expressed by the Holy Father, both before and after his election to the Chair of Peter.

Some have stuck their heads above the parapet.

My own view is that across the deaneries, there should be regular training and practices to ensure that choirs and scholas exist that can sing the Mass, the Offices and the devotions that make up the liturgical life of the Church in a way that is in accordance with the mind of the Church expressed through the ages: plainchant - either in the original or adapted for the vernacular and using the texts of the Mass: Introit, Gradual, Alleluia, Offertory, Communion and the appropriate tones, antiphons etc for the Office. Every parish in the Archdiocese should be able to celebrate Mass with sung parts from the Graduale Simplex in Latin or Graduale Parvum in English, as a bare minimum.

I hope the Old Guard are feeling a little uncomfortable. Come in MacInwood, your time is up. No more Hoots Mon, Here I Am Lord to a fakey gaelic air.

Will the rumblings currently being transmitted through the Archdiocese be picked up, acted upon, prayed for, implemented?

Who can say?


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