Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Savile and the BBC: the Acid Test

I was infuriated to hear Richard Bacon - one of the BBC's most egregious purveyors of liberal bias and who was all over the clerical abuse scandal - struggling to defend the BBC over Savile. It went something along the lines of "You can't expect the Director General or senior management to know everything that goes on. The BBC is a large, complex organisation" This was rebuffed by a contributor to the Biased BBC  website:  “Say that again, but this time WEAR A MITRE – then see how it sounds!”


Blogger Martin said...


Spot on. I am more than willing to believe that the BBC's current management are horrified by the revelations which have come out, and that even before this debacle its child protection policies were and are just as rigourous as those of the Catholic Church. I'm of the view that a lot of the grief the organisation is receiving is politically motivated, its publicly funded independence loathed by some of those it scrutinises. However what gets up my nose, a phrase which seems strangely appropriate while discussing Mr. Bacon, is the apparent lack of understanding of just how someone like Savile could have got away with what they did for so long; that just as with clerical abuse in our Church, abuse was permitted to continue because of defective management which was either unwilling to believe that this stuff could have gone on or to whom allegations of conduct of this kind were so outwith their own limited experience that they just did not register.

One thing that you can guarantee is that even although the BBC now has its very own antiquarian child sex abuse scandal, the aggressive posture of its reporting towards child sex abuse scandals in the Catholic Church, particularly when its been perpetrated by people with names like Finbarr and Seamus, will not change. Maybe it shouldn't; but hopefully there will be a recognition that as with Savile, the abuse was the work of individuals and was not institutionally mandated, even if only passively.

Chance will be a fine thing.

BTW, you have a spambot prowling your comments boxes like a roaring lion. I have had to clear out 101 emails from the inbox this morning.

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