Sunday, October 28, 2012

Echoes of Eternity

Peter Hitchens is an obstinate pursuer of what he holds to be true and doggedly points out cant and idiocy where he sees it. He can be a bit bonkers at times, but he also has the irritating habit of being right occasionally. He turns his attention this week to the dumbing down of the Anglican liturgy in favour of popularising weddings in the hope of getting folk to attend church (Enter a church and you should hear echoes of eternity - not the Sugababes). What he says might just be as true of the liturgy in many Catholic parishes in the UK (though the shopping mall may have better architecture in our case):

The whole point of churches is to disturb our day-to-day lives with the haunting rhythms and poetry of eternity. If we go into them and find that they are just like the nearest shopping mall, only with nicer architecture, then we will turn away disappointed. I don’t know if anything could have saved Christianity in England from becoming a despised minority religion. But I am quite sure that these pathetic attempts to appease the spirit of the modern age have made things much, much worse. Even 50 years ago, the Christian religion still had the attention and loyalty of many serious people. Now, even those of us who still stick to it find it hard to defend our supposed leaders.