Sunday, May 06, 2012

The Welcoming Arms of the Ummah

The price for apostasy in Islam - often played down by the media - is death. Many of our brethren in the Middle East have found that never having been a Muslim is enough to get them killed. Even being a devout Muslim would appear to be not enough to spare you from the executioner's sword as Khalil Dale, late of Dumfries, was to find to his cost.

Mr Dale, known as Ken until his conversion to Mohammedanism, sounds to have been a good man by all accounts. He unedrtook humanitarian work for the Red Cross in Somalia, Afghanistan and Iraq after converting to Islam over twenty years ago and changing his name from Ken to Khalil Rasjed. He was kidnapped and beheaded by the Taliban in Pakistan for his pains. It would seem his membership of the Ummah counted for nothing with these savages.

I feel very sorry for him and his family - the reward of his labours was death. As was pointed out elsewhere: "I guess multiculturalism isn't always a two way street. The unfortunate chap learned more about his adopted Religion of Peace than he bargained for."

May he rest in peace.


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