Tuesday, May 01, 2012

May Day

I love May - such a gentle month when Spring properly takes hold. I have never been to Oxford for May Morning, but the Hymnus Eucharisticus sung at dawn from Magdalen Tower is very beautiful in both form and content.

Te Deum Patrem colimus,
Te laudibus prosequimur,
qui corpus cibo reficis,
coelesti mentem gratia.

Te adoramus, O Jesu,
Te, Fili unigenite,
Te, qui non dedignatus es
subire claustra Virginis.

Actus in crucem, factus est
irato Deo victima
per te, Salvator unice
vitae spes nobis rediit.

Tibi, aeterne Spiritus
cuius afflatu peperit
infantem Deum Maria,
aeternum benedicimus.

Triune Deus, hominum
salutis auctor optime,
immensum hoc mysterium
orante lingua canimus.

O Thee, O GOD the FATHER--Thee,
All worship, praise, and glory be!
Thy hand bestows our daily bread,
And that wherewith our souls are fed.

To Thee, O JESU--Thee, the SON--
To Thee, alone-begotten One,
Who for our sakes didst not abhor
The Virgin's womb--our hearts we pour.

When Thou upon Thy Cross wast laid,
To GOD a willing offering made,
The hope of life first dawned below--
Our joy, our only Saviour, Thou!

To Thee, O HOLY GHOST--by whom
The Babe was born of Mary's womb,
Both GOD and Man--to Thee we raise
The hymn of everlasting praise.

O THREE IN ONE, Who didst devise
Such pathway back to Paradise;
This mystery of Love be sung
In every age by every tongue!

I did not know that May 1st was also Roodmas until the reign of Blessed John XXIII. Was there a Mass in the Sarum Rite for this?
Now, of course it's the memorial of St Joseph the Worker.

Patron saint of those who fight Communism.


Blogger Rubricarius said...

May 1st was never Roodmass in either the Roman or Sarum rites. May 1st is the feast of SS Philip and James in Western rites following the dedication of the Basilica of the Twelve Apostles where their relics are entombed together.

Roodmass is May 3rd in both the Roman and Sarum calendars.

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