Monday, February 27, 2012

When even the hippies get it..

I sometimes attend a parish nearby, in case of absolute necessity of fulfilling my Sunday obligation. It's the usual North American stuff on a Sunday evening: Haugen and Haas, lyrics projected on the wall, guitars and warbling girls, polyester and hessian. You get the picture. The priest is folksy and kind enough, I am sure. I nearly fell off my pew ast week when he said:

"In my mother's day, the fast was from the night before and it gave one a sense that this was a serious business receiving Holy Communion. We've lost something big in losing that. And I must confess that the new translation of the Missal "Lord I am not worthy that Thou should enter under my roof" is good - a reclaiming of the biblical allusion and a realisation in a very concrete way that we really are not worthy..."

Something is happening. The changes are hitting home. Sometimes where one would least expect it...


Blogger Left-footer said...

Good news and perhaps another piece of proof of the truth of "lex orendi lex credendi".

7:27 AM  

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