Friday, February 17, 2012

Hearts and Minds

Tonia of the great blog Attracted to the Light, questions whether in my rather irascible couple of posts I've been out to win atheist/secularist hearts and minds.

Well, I have been gently reminded before by Fr Paul Francis that honey is more attractive than vinegar and this is true.

This blog is merely a log of my thoughts of the moment. Sometimes it is a chance to vent frustration at the world or rather The World. Now, prudence may dictate that at times I restrain myself. Certainly this is the case on public blogs - I sometimes have a dig at the Telegraph Blogs. I am pondering whether I should give up that activity (on Telegraph Blogs etc) as a particularly destructive waste of time and an occasion for sin (pride, lack of charity and the like).

I gave up blogging for a year when I felt I had given offence, but came back deterimined to be more robust - not rude or cruel or gratuituosly offensive, but merely to state the truth as I saw it. My positions are clear: I stand full-square behind the Magisterium and will defend the orthodox interpretation of the Catholic Faith as it has been expressed thrugh the ages. If that hurts the feelings of anyone, then I'm sorry but, well, grow a spine. These views are expressed in love not hate.

The language of 'hate' has been co-opted by a strand of 'progressive' thought in the public square. According to this any statement critical of a designated group is branded 'hate-speech' or '[Insert ludicrous prefix]phobia'. It's classic Frankfurt School stuff at its highest, at its lowest it is merely name calling to snuff out and degrade the opposition. To be tagged a bigot is to marked as one unworthy of further consideration in polite company.

In such a scenario, I'm not sure I can win hearts and minds. It may be that all I can do is pray for them. 40-odd years of 'Opening The Windows" would appear to have merely encouraged burglars to come in. It might be time to get out the metaphorical M1 Garand. I suspect they respect us the more for it. Certainly, secularists fight shy of Islamists and seemed to quake at the late Cardinal Winning when he got medieval on their ass, so to speak.

When they step on my rights as a free-born Englishman I will react as Clint did below, with manly defiance. If it comes to bearing witness as our recusant forefathers did, I hope I do not have to, but if I do, I pray I have the strength to do it.


Anonymous georgem said...

Keep on with the good work. Of the myriad ways used to silence robust debate the "bigot" "phobe" accusations are the most cynical. Christ Himself did not shy away from straight-talking.
In my schooldays nice teachers didn't get half the attention or the results as those who called a spade a spade. And in my adult life it seems to be those who speak up and speak out who are the most successful in getting their message across.
btw vinegar is a good antiseptic and detoxifyer. It's also the best agent for cleaning windows so you can see clearly without streaks or smears.

4:12 PM  
Blogger Left-footer said...

Excellent post and excellent comment from Georgem.

My Confirmation Saint is St Thoman More who did not mince his words when dealing with Luther. St Nicholas, too, was very direct, felling Arius to the floor when debating the Divinity of Christ.

Plain speaking certainly gets listened to. Anodyne nuancing gets nowhere.

God bless!

7:40 AM  

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