Saturday, February 25, 2012


Listen carefully. No, seriously, listen. Can you hear it? It's quite faint and in the distance. It's the sound of feminist heads exploding. It might be quite loud in areas like North London and Brighton. I'm near enough to Kitsilano, but I guess the news hasn't spread there yet.

Why? Well, it seems abortion clinics are killing off baby girls. Well, whoda thunk it?

Mr Unintended, meet Mr Consequences.

I dread to think what Polly Toynbee looks like today. You see there are two themes dear to the heart of the 'progressive' mindset in conflict here. While carefully concealed by the coverage thus far, this is not an indigenous European phenomenon, but something imported from elsewhere, so it might seem racist to criticise it. And feminists are, with a few noble exceptions, pro-abortion. So when abortion is used to cull baby girls, I can only imagine the cognitive dissonance that must be troubling the pro-abortion lobby and their fellow-travellers. And they are in a bind. Which is worse? To criticise abortion or to criticise the cultural practices they have bent over backwards to import in an attempt to undermine the culture of Europe they so despise?

I hope, no, I ardently pray, that this is a turning point. That if it suddenly becomes abhorrent to abort baby girls, that eyes can turn and the light be shone on the abhorrent practice of ripping any baby from its mother's womb.

As for the doctors involved -they've had it. Even if the cops don't, the GMC will throw the book at them and I will post the judgements on this blog.

If it makes any other doctor think twice - and believe me, it will - then a life is saved.

Well done The Daily Telegraph. Good British investigative journalism is not dead.


Blogger Left-footer said...

This is indeed great news, and as Wordsworth might have written"

"My heart leaps up when I behold
An aborter in the dock."

I hope that you will be proved right and that this will prove a turning-point.

God bless!

8:55 AM  
Anonymous Respect All said...

I was once out shooting when some 'antis' who had been frustrated at the cancellation of a fox hunt turned up to stop us killing pheasants. I asked them if they were in favour of a woman's right to choose and they all said 'Yes'. I then asked how it could be all right to kill babies in the womb but not pheasants. Most of them were too single-minded to see the contradiction but I was glad to see a young woman look thoughtful before conceding that killing babies must be wrong too.

6:01 PM  

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