Tuesday, November 08, 2011

They'll know we are Christians by our love....

Sad to hear that Ttony has hung up his mouse. Amazing the vitriol that comes from one commenter:

James P talking shi*e as usual. Truth is, one less traddie blog on the Internet is no bad thing! You will not be missed. The damage and insult you have caused to good Catholics in this country is beyond measurable.Go, don't hang about to be applauded by the sick freaks who follow you.What a bunch of absolute losers they are! Traditional Catholic blogger's are worse than Nazi's and just as destructive. They hate this church with a vengeance. The Guild are the worst of all. Ministered to by the His hermeneutic, who's ego is so big he needs to be followed around by his own personal phonographer in the guise of the weird Mulier Fortis, she of the 'monitor my cat poo blog'. Then of course we have the Taliban Catholics, Paul Priest, the best Canon Lawyer in the world, but he works in Asda . James Preece who's little girl was in hospital but he carried on blogging , after all sticking it to The Magic Circle is far more importantthan family. Man like that does not deserve children.Can't leave out the old Mossie bidie in France, another nutter! And we should not forget the fat Pharisee Reluctant Sinner who leads a double life. Subs Manager for Oremus by day, out cruising with his copy of the pink paper in his sticky little hand by dark. Oh yes, these are the people who should head this church, these really are the ones to show us the light, lead on Admiral we will follow, we will worship at your alter, not in a million years my friend.

How does that song go? Oh they'll know we are Christians by our love, by our love, yes they'll know we are Christians by our love....

Pray for him/her


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