Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Occupy Shakedown

So it begins.

There was a rather pathetic episode happened in Vancouver on Sunday. A group of ‘protestors’, decided to jump on the Occupy bandwagon and turned up at Holy Rosary Cathedral with the intention of disrputing Mass. Finding that hardly anyone had turned up (I think there were more Church ushers and cops than actual protestors) they went off to the Occupy Vancouver camp outside the Art Gallery. Even on a quiet Sunday morning with not much happening, they couldn’t drum up any support from the soapdodgers for their piece of street theatre, and so went back to the Cathedral. They shouted some slogans about Residential Schools (by no means a Catholic-only issue) and disappeared once they had got it out of their system.

Thankfully they didn’t disrupt Mass but I think the whole thing could be part of a more widespread anti-Catholic bandwagon thing, that could be jumped on in time. Lefties, after all, are not a above a bit of church burning and priest killing when the mood takes them.
See what comes up when you google 'Occupy the Vatican'

I notice they pick their targets. The also shouted about the Cathedral being on Squamish Land. If Holy Rosary is on Squamish land, then I'm pretty sure everywhere from Dunsmuir to the Waterfront is. Try going into Steamworks in the middle of a hockey game and shouting and bawling about the bar being built on their land and see the treatment you might get. The bum's rush and a swift kick up the arse might be the least you'd get for your trouble.

I was planning a counter-demonstration. Do you like my banner? After all, I searched in vain for an apology from the First Nations of North America for the appalling treatment of St Isaac Jogues and St John de Brebeuf and their companions. Historical apologies seem to be a one-way street.

I’m sick of these panhandlers, grievance-merchants and hustlers.


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