Friday, November 04, 2011

Hircorum et caprarum more

Some co-workers and I have taken up the Movember challenge. So I have a month to grow a 'tache. It's to raise funds and awareness of prostate cancer. Prostate cancer doesn't get the kind of attention AIDS used to get and breast cancer has had for some time. Old blokes aren't as glamorous as celebs with an affliction. Also, Catholic priests, it is supposed due to their celibacy, are at greater risk of this disease.

I've only ever had facial hair once before when as a student on elective in west Africa I ran out of razor blades. So far the facial hair is coming out as quite grey, which at my age should be no surprise, really. I can't decide on a Merv Hughes, a Freddie Mercury, a Tom Selleck or a Fu Manchu.

Are priests banned from moustaches? I understand they were frowned upon as inhibiting consuming the Precious Blood at Communion.The Catholic Encyclopaedia has a fascinating chapter on beards. It seems they may wear facial hair.The picture shows Bl John XXIII, I think when he was an army chaplain in WWI, with a 'tache.

I don't tend to trust priests with 'taches, which stems from one I knew who left and now lives with another chap. Fr Ronald Rolheiser OMI has a moustache. Hmmm. One of the Canadian bishops, Archbishop Smith of Edmonton has a 'tache.

V. suspicious.


Anonymous Richard Collins said...

Another reason why priests should not wear a moustache is that it is really a rather vain affectation.Vanity is something that a priest should avoid at all times.

6:42 AM  

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Moustache's are gay!

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