Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Smart kids and good catechesis

We were sitting in Mass just in front of a family of three kids, Mum and Dad. The Mum (or is it Mom) was explaining all about the early Church to the 5 year old boy before Mass started.

Mom: So St Stephen was the first of the disciples to die...
Son: What about Judas? He was a disciple...
Mom: Uhhhhh....Oh.....Yeah. I forgot about him. St Stephen was the first disciple to be martyred...And he died after Jesus.
Son: OK. I get it.

Two points. The boy knew the story and the detail of the Passion narrative. He also put two and two together from what the Mom was saying.

As the Canadians would say: good job.


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There's a good post on assisted suicide over at Anna Raccoon.

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