Friday, June 17, 2011

Reclaimimg identity

I have noticed how the nature of the talks advertised through church bulletins have changed in recent years. Emblematic in recent weeks for me have ben those advertsised in the Catholic After Hours series in Vancouver. I blogged on the last one on The Black Legend.In the next couple of weeks there are more talks to come. A Short History of Thomism and The Galileo Case

Did you get that? Thomism; An expose of Protestant anti-Catholic propaganda and an exploration of the rights and wrongs of the Galileo Case.

What happened to New Dialogies between Buddhists and Catholic Christianity; What Islam can teach Christians; Whither Ecumenism and the like?

Down the toilet, one must hope. Catholicism is being reclaimed by Catholics. It is a good thing.

The details of the talks are below:

Catholic After Hours - Church
History in June
Sunday June 19th
A Brief History of Thomism
Dr. Christopher S. Morrissey -
Assistant Professor of Philosophy at
Redeemer Pacific College

Sunday June 26th
The Galileo Case--Behind the Conflict
Bayu Dharmasetia
Christian Education and Social Studies departments, Notre
Dame Regional Secondary School
Irish Heather pub, back room Shebeen.
212 Carrall Street in Gastown
6:30 to 8:30pm


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