Saturday, June 18, 2011

Blonde moment (North Vancouver version)

[To understand this story you must understand that North Vancouver (as which much of Greater Vancouver) is based on a grid system with avenues going north-south, streets numbered from the shore (at Lonsdale Quay) and the numbers of the streets increasing the further north you go up the main avenue (Lonsdale Avenue)]

We were going home from a night downtown and got on the 229 that goes up Lonsdale Avenue at Lonsdale Quay and a rather tipsy blonde girl and her giggly friend sat down near us. She spotted a good-looking guy nearby on the bus and began flirting with him:

Blonde: *giggles* Oh, er, can you help us. My friend and I are going to a party and we don’t know how far it is…

Guy: Where’s the party?

Blonde: *giggles* Errrr….corner of Lonsdale and 23rd Street

Guy (obviously unimpressed): About 23 blocks….

Blonde: Oh, right….


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