Friday, May 27, 2011

Pepe le Pew

I had an adventure at the weekend. Mrs P saw a skunk in the garden last week and was a bit spooked by it. Then on Monday my youngest shouted "The skunk's in the garden with something on his head!" Sure enough Pepe le Pew had his head stuck in a beer can. He was getting distressed and disoriented. I was reluctant to go and rescue him. We rang the animal rescue people and the SPCA and they basically told us to get it off him ourselves. So I changed clothes into scruffs (in case I got sprayed) and put on the marigolds and went to get it off. A neighbour held his tail down with a stick so he wouldn't spray. After a bit of twisting we got it off his head (his little claws were gripping away at it) and he ran off without creating a stink.

Eldest boy got a picture of the event.

Who says Canada is dull?



Blogger Bertie said...

There was me thinking that you were the only Leeds fan supporting Man Utd. and you were making an offensive comment about the manager of Barcelona :-)

Glad you're enjoying the experience of Canada.

9:31 PM  
Blogger Paulinus said...

Ooooooh! Harsh!

my guilty secret is that I will support Man U (or any home team. OK maybe not Rangers) against foreign opposition. I cheered them on in 1998. Great night that, BTW. A dear friend (a Scotswoman) is a Man U fan and came round to the house for pizza and beer. We all had a bit of a hangover the next day...

7:10 AM  

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