Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Dressing up

I quite like getting dressed up for weddings. I guess it's the only time one gets to wear a morning suit (the only time I have anyway). We (adoptive in my case) Scots get away with wearing kilts and Prince Charlie jackets for formal occasions. I go to a couple of black tie dinners a year at one or other of the Royal Colleges, and it's usually a dinner suit then (M&S). It's nice seeing colleagues in their best bib and the junior girlie doctors in posh frocks.

The Royal Wedding was covered well here. There's still a bit of residual love of the Old Country.

The choice of uniforms for the young royals was great. I was pleased by the choice of the Irish Guards. I think the Blues and Royals tunic just edged it though. I know a couple of folk in the army and it's the only time (along with investitures) that they get to wear No 1 uniform (the Brigade of Guards is slightly different because of their ceremonial duties). All very Ruritanian, but, still..

But I was a bit disappointed by Cardinals Murphy-O'Connor and O'Brien and Archbishop Nichols. Surely this was the perfect opporunity for a ferriola and violet or scarlet biretta?

[Cue torrent of tut-tutting from humourless hippies.....]


Blogger Saint Michael Come To Our Defense said...

His Eminence Archbishop Fulton Sheen would not have mocked God in the manner the English did.


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