Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The very scriptural nature of Catholic worship

I seem to remember having lots of arguments with (evangelical) Protestant students at university about how 'unbiblical' Catholicism was, especially Holy Mass.

It strikes me, that had I been better equipped I could have swatted away their arguments like so many bothersome flies. Think about it. When properly celebrated (i.e. using the texts rather than the four-hymn pattern that is usual at Sunday Mass) Holy Mass, (EF or OF) consists of the following:

Introit antiphon (Biblical text)
Kyrie (Derived from phrases in the gospels)
Gloria (A hymn of praise based on the hymn of the angels at Christmas)
Liturgy of the Word (OT, NT and psalms)
Creed (formula based on the bible)
Offertory antiphon (Biblical text)
Sanctus (derived in large part from OT & NT)
Eucharist prayer/Roman Canon(a long prayer of ancient proveneance with Christ's words at the Last Supper at its core, full of allusion to the bible)
Rite of Communion (a largly biblical prayer based around the Pater Noster)
Communion Antiphon (Biblical text)

How biblical do they want it to be?
Likewise the Office, essentially just the psalms and biblical readings (with some gems from the Fathers at Vigils/Office of Readings). The rosary? Prayers all based on scripture (the Angelic Salutation, the Pater Noster, the doxology).

My Baptist former colleague just came back from a holiday in the West Indies. She attended a Protestant service there that lasted 3 and a half hours - most of which was preaching by the pastor. Now, compare that with a Low Mass where the worship is of Almighty God - directed solely at Him, and composed largely of words from the bible. Which then is biblical Christianity? Which then is more reliant on a mediator between God and man - the one where a chap barks at his audience for hours on end or where God's own words are addressed to him by a priest on behalf of his people after the biblical pattern of worship in the Temple by a priest secundum ordinem Melchisedech.
Why do we let Protestants criticise Catholic worship on scriptural grounds?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Hoots Mon(signor)!

Damian Thompson has blogged about birettas recently. The PP of our parish wears his biretta for Mass, though I doubt even he, as a proud Scots-Irishman would want to wear one of these....

H/T and © to Mr Philippi, where there are even more mind-boggling tartan examples.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Out of context

I found it disconcerting recently to hear that Byrd's Mass for Five Voices is to be sung in the "atmospheric surroundings of St Peter's"[Partick].

If they are going to sing a Mass in a Catholic Church, why not sing it as a Mass. Or does the Archdiocese see plainchant and polyphony as a museum piece rather than living liturgy?

So it's Byrd for the well-heeled, West End bien-pensants and 'If-I-Were-A-Fuzzy-Wuzzy-Bear-I'd-Thank-You-Lord-For-My-Fuzzy-Wuzzy-Hair' for the punters on a Sunday morning.


A bit like Psalm 50 sung in an art gallery without the slightest belief, I hazard to guess, that the Almighty blot out their iniquities (but I may be being presumptious there).

Form without content. The decay of the West writ large.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

We'll check this parish out.

Well, this parish, St Jude's, could be alright. It'll be a bit of a trek from where we're likely to be living, but it's about 2 blocks from my work. The 'Good Confession Guide' on the sidebar is an indication of the tone of the parish. as is the Benedictine altar arrangement. This parish is clearly onside.

I'm a bit torn. Should one go to the nearest parish, or drive twenty minutes to get to Mass? Thoughts, please.



•5 PM – Saturday Mass of Anticipation in English

•7:45 AM – Latin (1962 Roman Missal)

•9 AM – English with Gregorian Chant
•11 AM – English with Gregorian Chant

•5 PM – English


4 PM

Monday, March 14, 2011


I have given up listening to the radio for Lent. I like to listen to Radio 5 whilst shaving, Radio 2 on the way home (Simon Mayo) and Radio 4 on a Thursday morning on the way to my 9.30 meeting (In Our Time - it justifies the licence fee on its own).

This penance has been worth it, thus far. The silence leads to prayer, or rather in the car listening to Allegri's Miserere and learning to sing and pray it.

Give up the aural wallpaper. You'll not regret it.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Something is sticking

Kitchen, yesterday morning:

(The Pagan) Mrs P: What do you want in your roll?
Paulinus Minor Minor: No meat
Mrs P: Why?
Paulinus Minor Minor: Ash Wednesday.
Mrs P: Oh. Yes. Cheese and tomato?
Paulinus Minor Minor: Fine.

It's a start.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Minor miracle...

...BBC gives as much prominence to Lent as it does to Ramadan.

A Holy Lent to you.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Telling it like it is

Friday, March 04, 2011

Unenthusiastic & underconfident

I heard today about an advert that had to be edited to remove the words 'enthusiastic' and 'confident' in relation to potential candidates. What do they want? Unenthusiastic and underconfident doctors?

Tuesday, March 01, 2011


Should I find a locum to do my job for the year, we are away to Vancouver for 12 months, Deo volente.

4 weeks next Monday. *gulp*.

Any info on life & Catholicism in Vancouver/BC/Canada greatly appreciated. We'll probably be living in North Vancouver.

Deo gratias for the opportunity the Lord has given us.

Please pray for us.

Tarred With The Same Brush

You'd never guess who was putting this stuff up, would you? On FiveLive last week even the normally emollient Nicky Campbell had to ask "Do you think there might be a clue in the phrase 'Verily Allah is severe in punishment'?" His interviewee weaseled about and seemed to imply that Christians and Jews might be just as likely to be using their faith to promote hatred.

Love is all around, eh?