Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Mess of Potage

I read recently of a funeral where the coffin left the church to the hymn Walk With Me O My Lord. Don't get me wrong I know the celebrant is a good man on the right side of the GIRM and the Benedictine reforms, but it's symptomatic of giving the punters a liturgical smorgasbord, especially in death.

Catholics used to leave the chapel with In Paradisum ringing in their ears - a song of joyful hope if ever there was one.

Personally I blame the My Way culture of funerals of recent years, exemplified in this advert. Two ironies: Francis Albert Sinatra was a Catholic (though of a rather, ahem, irregular lifestyle); everyone wants My Way. Kinda undermines the concept, no?

We seem to have sold our birthright for a mess of potage.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would love Faure's version at my Funeral. But I have 2 chances.....

7:21 AM  
Blogger Left-footer said...

Or (an old joke, not mine) a pot of message.

Seriously, the last few funerals I've been to have been worrying. "I did it my way" is arrogant, of course, but even worse is the fast-track Canonisation of the dead person during the Requiem Mass by the officiating Priest, as happened in my hearing in Westminster Cathedral.

'And as our brother walks today through the gate of Heaven, Saint Peter will shake him by the hand and say, "Well done, good and faithful servant...."'

3:21 PM  
Anonymous Richard Collins said...

I am definitely in the In Paradisum camp - it's in my will, the only way to be certain of a proper Requiem!

1:06 PM  

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