Thursday, December 30, 2010

Strange, I've seen that face before

St Mungo's is a really nice beer - proper Bavarian lager brewed in Glasgow Green. I tried some for the first time this week and I can testify – very nice stuff. Good too that that they've named it after the city’s patron saint though Im not sure about whether or not he was a brewer.

Looking at the label I was struck by the image of the saint – oddly familiar and then I realised where I had seen the image before – the wooden statue that stands to the south side of the sanctuary in St Mungo’s Church, Townhead. Do the good Passionist Fathers have image rights to the good saint’s statue? Maybe the brewery (which is doing very well – stocked by Waitrose and swanky restaurants - might feel a generous donation to the Passionists wouldn't go amiss.... )


Anonymous berenike said...

You even know the photographer, though you may not know him in that role.


He was telling me about having seen his photo in their materials - I can't remember what he said he'd done about it.

8:38 AM  
Blogger Paulinus said...

Now, let me see...

Erudite chap, softly spoken, lives out east these days....

11:33 PM  

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