Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Herring Squirms

Two atheists spend a long time (from about 47 mins in) talking about how they don't believe in God. How very cosy. Herring is promoting his show Christ On A Bike. It's all very challenging of Christianity, transgressive, etc, etc (*tries to stifle yawn*)

The punters get a bit fed up of the smugness and text in to the effect would he do a show called Mohammed On A Moped? Listening to Herring squirm is priceless (It's from about 1:27:30):

"It's not just about Christianity"

"I don't have the knowledge to do it"

"It's a very different issue"

"I think you'd have to do it differently"

"To do a thing about a minority religion would have other implications"

"People would see that as attacking a certain section of society"

"Partly it's the Christians' fault for having the philosophy of turn the other cheek"

Yeah. Whatever.


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