Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Embracing despised minorites

Johann Hari has been prominent in the Sulky Teenage Collective Calling Everyone A Nazi Protest The Pope crew. Hilary shows video of him calling for the arrest of the Holy Father. Yet the Holy Father referred to "unspeakable crimes". Johann, however, thinks that paedophiles warrant "embracing".

However, your implication that since I haven’t raised every single one of these issues I don’t care about them is, I’m afraid, flawed. You haven’t written about the persistent abuse of asylum seekers by our own government (as I have). I could also mention climate change, prison reform, drugs legalization, human rights abuses in Colombia, higher taxes here in Britain, rights for transsexuals, against religious fundamentalism of all stripes, against the World Bank, in favour of understanding and embracing despised minorities like gypsies and paedophiles … I could go on with issues I've written about any you haven't.

Hardly one to talk about arresting the Pope. Just like his Tweedledum(b) Peter 'It Gave Them Great Joy' Tatchell.

The chutzpah of these people is astonishing.


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