Sunday, September 19, 2010

Accentuate the positive

I'm aware that I have focussed on the negative a little in posting about the Holy Father's visit. There is so much good to accentuate. On the whole it has been a success liturgically.

The Pontiff has been welcomed with characteristically good English and Scottish manners and genuine warmth by Catholics and non-Catholics alike. He has apologised to the victims of abuse sincerely and clearly. He has come as a shepherd who loves the flock entrusted to him - really loves them.

The shy Bavarian academic has opened himself to youth and they have responded with filial love. It has been prayeful and joyful. Yet the Holy Father has not given a single inch of ground in the matter of Truth.

A great big heart has spoken to hearts, and yet he points beyond himself, as he always has, to the Sacred Heart who loves us all with infinite love.

God bless our Pope.


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