Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Old friends

On Saturday I went to Lord's for the fifth ODI against Australia with my old friend Martin. He was my best man (and I was his) but we haven't seen each other for 10 years (opposite ends of the country, work and family etc etc). We've kept in regular contact, though. Meeting him off the train at Paddington on Saturday morning, I might as well have left him in the pub the night before. It's like we've been in one long conversation the whole of our lives. I haven't laughed so much for so long in a long time. We chatted through seven hours of cricket and into the evening.

We spent the day slowly getting through a few pints of Marston's Pedigree. We finished the night off at The Eagle, Farringdon (I had a plate of Napoli sausages, borlotti beans and tomatoes, since you ask). Good food, good ale and good company. I felt Chesterton might be smiling somewhere nearby.

England lost the cricket. It didn't really matter.


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