Wednesday, June 09, 2010


Another Catholic cleric - this time a bishop - is killed in Turkey. The Vatican starts the "Move along now, nothing to see here" routine with a statement that it had nothing to do with religion. Others are not so sure.

"Mentally instability" must be very common in Turkey, at least as far as the deaths of Christians are concerned.

I wonder what could possibly be the factor that makes "mental instability" such a common problem there?


Blogger David O'Neill said...

This is a clear case of fundamentalist Islam, even the Turkish government says so. Whilst the bishop was "open to Islam" we must all, including bishops & priests, be aware of what these people are capable of. Why do we not return fundamentalist preachers to Islamic countries so that, at least, they cannot infect other Muslims with their hatred of Christianity?
David O'Neill

3:17 PM  

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