Sunday, June 06, 2010

The (Ex-) Curate

For the last few years, I have made reference in this blog to The Curate. As is the way of things, the Archbishop has moved The Curate on to a parish of his own. For my family this has brought great sadness in that we have over the years built up a friendship with the good Father, who has been a support in our faith and a voice of orthodoxy in a time where to be such sometimes invites ridicule. It is a sign of the times that a good priest has to keep his adherence to the fullness of the Catholic faith and his loyalty to the Holy Father and traditional forms of Catholic piety in check. It would seem at times that the love of tradition is now the Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name.

So I say farewell to a good priest who has become a friend (so not really farewell at all). Like all good priests his work is hard and his trials many (I do not envy him trendy primary school teachers) and the misunderstandings of cleaving to tradition must be manifold ("Why do you want to turn the clock back, Father?").

An anecdote he does not know is that he gained the admiration of a friend of mine, also in the parish, with his insistence on proper catechesis for his boy who was intending to receive his First Holy Communion. "I like him" said my friend "he's hardcore".

Thank God for good priests like my friend, the now Ex-Curate. God grant us more good, strong and holy priests like him. God grant him many years to work in His vineyard.



Blogger The Cellarer said...

Been there, at previous parish the PP got head hunted by Rome.

When preaching he could get up a fair head of steam, one Sunday he had all guns blazing and surveying the congregation, seamlessly added "and I'm coming into land now!" before carrying on for another good few minutes before finishing!

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