Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Shelagh Fogarty makes a progressive’s head explode

5Live had some Dave Spart character on from a drugs “charity” to talk about an idea that’s come from the States regarding sterilising women who are alcoholics or drug takers. The idea is repugnant and the chap had some good points about the worth of these poor women, though of course he was a bit chippy about people with money who might be in such a position.

There is a precious moment in the conversation where Shelagh Fogarty lobs a question at him that makes his brain implode almost audibly. It is quite clear that he cannot get his round the idea that aborting people with Down’s is a form of eugenics.

You can listen to the piece HERE for the next week (it's about 2 hours 24 minutes in):

Spart: .....this is saying you’re a worthless human being, you’re worth less than us and you’re not allowed to have children....

Shelagh: Would you support the test for Down’s Syndrome, which equally makes a judgement about the individual to live or not?

Spart: Do I support the test for Down’s Syndrome?

Shelagh: Yes, I’m just wondering if you’d equate the two?

Spart: No I wouldn’t equate the two..

Shelagh: Why not?

Spart: I’m sorry...I....hfnnnnn...

Shelagh: You know, you’re talking about something being eugenic, about something being a value judgement about someone’s life, I wonder whether you would say that a test for a Down’s syndrome foetus would be the same or whether selective IVF would be the same? Would that fall under the category of eugenics as you described it?

Spart:....................ermmm.......hfnnn.........I think that’s a very.......if you had about three or four hours....you could probably explore that question, but I’m here to talk about people who are using alcohol and using
[moves uncomfortably away from the subject]

God bless you, Shelagh .


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