Monday, April 05, 2010


There is something a little unhealthy about the BBC's interest in this stuff. The top three stories on Easter Sunday on Ceefax? Plus another one further down?

I wonder what the parents on the murdered girl thought?

Item 6.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I note in yesterday's paper an article regarding the marginalisation of Christianity in this so-called multicultural country of ours. Although I am not a practicing Christian myself, I fear these 'witch hunts' in the media are just another symptom of the same problem. Something else which saddens me is the distinct lack of appropriate programming for Easter. Only ONE film that I could find regarding the life and crucifixion of Christ in the TV schedules. What is going on??
p.s. On another note entirely I am greatly interested in previous blogs relating to your father in the LRDG. I would like to learn more 'off-line' if you are agreeable!

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