Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Yes, yes and thrice, yes (apart from the punching bit, obviously...)

If anyone uses the words ‘Pope’ and ‘resign’ in your presence punch them. This whole thing is a stitch up, partial and misleading stories fed by liberal church functionaries to liberal journalists and misreported out of a mixture of malice and stupidity. The enemies of the faith inside and outside the visible church are terrified that the Pope will take this opportunity to clean the augean stables and so they are trying to throw as much manure at him as possible in the hope that he will be too weak to tackle them. They are using the tried and tested tactic of distorting the reasons for secrecy surrounding processes for solicitation under the seal and ignoring the problems created by the limitation period. But even if the Pope had a thousand lovers of every age, gender and species and feasted on the bodies of his enemies he shouldn’t resign. The Pope is the final earthly judge he is neither impeccable nor omniscient, he is infallible in faith and morals when defining catholic doctrine and he is the supreme magistrate of the universal church. Even if the morals and ideology of his critics were perfect (instead of crying out to heaven for vengeance) it would be totally unacceptable for a living Pope to submit himself to the judgement of anyone, down to and including media manipulated public opinion.

Aelianus puts it in a nutshell, God bless him, over at Laodicea


Anonymous Aelianus said...

Sed contra est quod dicitur in Psalmo III, dentes peccatorum contrivisti ;)

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