Thursday, February 04, 2010

Turning the Tables

Here's a thought experiment.

The National Secular Society is an organisation that's understandably secretive about its membership. I say understandably as its membership is probably under 10,000paid-up members. You'd not think so from the coverage it gets. In true Trotskyite entryist fashion, a hundred people from a hundred Catholic parishes around the country join it. All of a sudden they vote a majority block of Catholics onto the executive.

At this point Terry Sanderson would surely cry "Foul!". Could he discriminate against these Catholics on the grounds of their beliefs? Surely not. No discrmination - it's The Law. Surely common sense would dictate that you couldn't have Catholics, people against everything the NSS stands for, running the show.

Well, of course, not.

But it rather blows a hole in the argument that the secularists have wanting to impose their values on the Catholic Church, doesn't it?


Father Ray thinks it's a cunning plan. His commenters disagree....


Father Tim reports there are some on the Left with an ounce of common sense who think that we should be left alone. Alleluia!

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OpenID ebomania said...

Spot on.

I've dusted off my blog and aired a few thoughts of my own over the whole escapade.

12:14 PM  

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