Saturday, February 06, 2010

Profanity On The Public Purse

When round at my pal's house the other night (watching valiant Leeds beaten 3-1 by Spurs) I noticed a leaflet he had from an organisation called CSG Watch. They would appear to be a group of evangelical Christians who have taken against Culture and Sport Glasgow, the council-funded quango in charge of, er, culture and sport. I've blogged before about this - it seems to have a penchant for 'transgressive' events like THIS and THIS.

CSGWatch not unreasonably take objection to their council tax being used to defame their faith and their Saviour. I'm a little bit uneasy about CSGWatch. I recognise a few of the faces as the guys in Argyll Street and Buchanan Street on a Saturday urging folk to accept Jesus as their personal saviour - nowt wrong with that, of course. The website is a bit shouty with lots of CAPITAL LETTERS and highlighting.

Bridget McConnell feels a bit threatened, as she says in this slightly whiny piece in The Times, but then again probably not as threatened as she would be if she funded a production of Behzti or a showing of Fitna.

Still, its a symptom. If you push people too far, don't be surprised or offended if they push back.

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Blogger Mark M said...

I have a whole load of bumf from Culture & Sport Glasgow about the Queen of Heaven debacle. It's not pleasant reading. Between them and the Council, far too much funding and support went the Tron's way.

8:53 AM  
Anonymous Ebomania said...

Has anyone had a look at the links section? There's a link to something Paisley-ish (and I don't mean St. Mirin's Cathedral or the Braehead roundabout) and for witnessing to Catholics too.

Looks like us "idolaters" should keep back a bit.

9:01 PM  
Blogger Paulinus said...

There's a link to something Paisley-ish (and I don't mean St. Mirin's Cathedral or the Braehead roundabout

Creasin' masel'

Like I say, there somethings a bit Jack Glass-y about them.

Altogether now (hada-hee):
"On a hill far away,
Stands the Old Rugged Cross..."

9:39 PM  

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