Wednesday, November 04, 2009

We saw off Nero

Martin Kelly is spot on the money about how gormless prominent secularists can be:

Given that many Christians were not intimidated into abandoning their faith even when Nero was ordering that wild animals would feast upon their living flesh, or that lighted pitch be smeared upon their crucified bodies so that they could provide some much-needed streetlighting (one way of keeping down the utility bills, I suppose), it is highly unlikely that many believers will be swayed by the jabberings of Dawkins & Hyde, and all the other folks who've drunk the Kool-Aid and think we're here because the sky fell in one day.

It should never be doubted that God has a sense of humour; but as much as they might not care to admit it, atheists like Ms. Hyde might even be doing His work for Him - by letting the rest of us in on the joke.



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