Monday, November 16, 2009

A Nation of Eccentrics

I love it that Britain can still produce people like Robin Stormonth Darling, who died last month, God rest his soul:

In 1992 he agreed to take on the role of honorary consul for Mexico in Scotland, despite having no grasp of Spanish and never having set foot in Mexico. For 15 years he flew the Mexican flag at his Perthshire home in its remote Scottish glen, where bemused Mexicans would visit him to discuss visa extensions over tea in the billiards room.

Also in 1992 his wife Carola – without his knowledge – entered him for the words and numbers television quiz show Countdown. Announced on the show as "The Scottish Laird", he found himself up against a very bright 12-year-old boy. He was concerned that if he lost, he would not hear the end of it; and if he won he might be considered "the big bad bully". In the event he won by a clear margin, but managed this gracefully, without patronising his young opponent.


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But can she?

Perhaps it's worth a prayer?

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