Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Don't You Want Me, Baby?

Elton John wants a baby. Apparently. No celeb should be without one, of course. Thankfully, Andrew Pierce, has wise words. I doubt whether anyone is better qualified to comment than a gay man who was himself adopted as a child (by a Catholic couple and through a Catholic adoption agency IIRC):

As an adopted gay man, I have had no interest in having children of my own. I support those who want to but would never denigrate those who think it is in the best interests of the child to be with a man and woman. On balance, I think it is.

The Ukrainian government appears to have more sensible ministers than we have over here.

"Foreign citizens who are single have no right to adopt children... and the age difference between the adopter and the child cannot be more than 45 years," family, youth and sports minister Mr Pavlenko said. "The law is the same for everybody - for a president, for a minister, for Elton John."

You see you have to be married to adopt in the Ukraine. Elton John isn't married. Capisce?


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