Thursday, September 03, 2009

Because you're worth it....

The, ahem, 'devout' Mrs Blair

Martin Kelly points me in the direction of the the latest sage words from Cherie Booth QC, aka Mrs Tony Blair.

"Cherie Blair has criticised the Catholic Church’s position on contraception, suggesting it could be holding some women back from pursuing a successful career."

Oh dear. I'm sure the Holy Father is sitting in the Vatican as we speak thinking to himself: "She has a point. 2000 years of Christian teaching have been wrong, standing in the way of busy women and their careers. How on earth am I going to break it to the Faithful?"

"Speaking at a Sunday Times sponsored event at the Edinburgh International Book Festival, she said the Catholic Church was out of step with the needs of career women."

Oh Lordy, well we must sort that out that, then. Can't have the Catholic Church out step with career women, Where will it all end?

"Women of Jerusalem, weep not for me. Weep for the European Working Time Directive and the Equal Opportunites Act"

Oddly enough her husband is not the only Anglican to have converted to Catholicism. There was a more modest man who wrote the following words Mr and Mrs Blair might want to take to heart:
"And I hold in veneration for the sake of Him alone,
Holy Church as His creation, and Her teachings as His own"

As a feminist I'd have thought she'd understand that "No" means "No".

Mrs Blair giving David Beckham some tips on taking free kicks

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Blogger Dorothy said...

Throughout her adult life she seems to have held her present non-Catholic views, and acted on them, in all matters relating to sexuality, judging by what I have heard of her autobiography.

I have the impression that she does not understand what natural family planning is; she may even think it is the old calendar-rhythm method. Like other contraception-users, she may well have had no proper knowledge of the observable symptoms of her own fertility. Hence, probably, the happy "accident" of the arrival of her fourth child. If I am right, she would automatically assume, contrary to the facts, that the choice is either contraception or uncontrolled childbirth.

I am assuming complete sincerity on her part; but not Catholicism. She seems to be utterly unqualified to be invited to speak at Catholic gatherings in the capacity of a knowledgeable, let alone practising, Catholic.

9:47 AM  
Blogger The Cellarer said...

I just wish their Bishop (wherever they call home) would just tell them to put a sock in it. You disagree with Church teaching, that's up to you, but keep it to yourself.

11:13 PM  

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