Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Even broken signs can point the right way #1

This was sent to me by The Curate:

“The [liturgical] movement in English-speaking countries has been largely derivative. When we take stock of our situation in the light of what is being achieved elsewhere, we cannot but notice the superficial character of so much of our apostolic effort. Where lies our weakness? We refuse to acknowledge the power of ideas. We neglect the content of what we preach. We are anxious to devise ways and means of getting an ever-bigger audience to hear what we say but will not devote the time, effort and discussion necessary to improve the quality of what we say ...

“The inadequacy found in so many current popular accounts of Catholic teaching is the inadequacy of the out-of-date.. it is being overtaken in the Church by various forces of doctrinal renewal, among which is the liturgical movement...

“And the need today is to improve the content and structure of our message is urgent. The decisive factor in the present critical phase in the history of the Church does not lie in organization and multifarious activities but in a renewal of the religious consciousness of Christian people. Priests must work to deepen in the faithful the awareness of the great truths of our faith and improve the quality of belief. We should be acting like ostriches, were we to ignore the inferior quality of belief in so many of our people. They have little hold upon truths that are central to the Christian message and cling to what is peripheral. Often they have been given but a lopsided and impoverished presentation of Christian truth.”

Charles Davis, Liturgy and Doctrine, 1960

Charles Davis subsequently left the priesthood and indeed the Catholic Church over Humanae Vitae. A shame as he was obviously an intelligent man, with some good things to say about catechesis and liturgy.

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Do you mind updating to my new blog please?

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Thanks for that link, I know it's not really the point of the post but I found the obituary very moving.

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