Monday, July 27, 2009

"Now, this won't hurt...."

The Royal College of Nursing today dropped its opposition to the theft of personal articles from elderly or ailing patients in hospitals by nurses. After a ballot of members with 40% remaining opposed to the theft of patients' property, 49% of members expressed the view that they'd be "relaxed" about "a bit of casual nicking". "Everyone knows it's gone on for years" said an RCN spokeswoman. "Whether it's a Werther's Original slyly taken from the bedside cabinet while old Gertie's asleep or a few quid - or even a few grand - from an old lady's purse when she's brought in unconscious, who cares?"
A spokesman for the Department of Health said that "nurses' views about personal matters such as robbery were entirely a matter for their consciences"

OK it's a parody. But if the RCN is neutral about the Fifth Commandment, the Seventh Commandment would be small beer, surely?

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