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Mac tags me to tell all about the statues I have in my home. I'm afraid the answer is....ONE. There are a couple of reasons for this. We are a mixed family, Mrs P is probably a pagan, certainly an agnostic of Non-Conformist stock and a little squeamish about such things. So we compromise and we have an icon of Our Lady and a San Damiano Crucifix (the boys have one each of these over their beds too) but that's it.

The statue, as you see, is very old. I think it is nineteenth century and French and belonged to my great grandmother. As you see it has been broken (probably more than once). It is of Our Lady of Victories. I couldn't find a great deal about the cult but it seems to have had two incarnations. Firstly, the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary was initially known as Our Lady of Victory for obvious reasons. The second incarnation appears to have been during the First Empire when Our Lady appeared to Fr. Desgenettes in Paris.

The statue is particularly dear to me as it was the focus of prayers for my great grandmother when she prayed for my grandfather during his wartime service as an able seaman on HMS Leviathan and subsequently for my grandmother's prayers for her sons as they served variously in the Artillery and the LRDG.

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Blogger Fr PF said...

The Abbé Desgenettes founded a confraternity for the conversion of sinners. In 1837, before he became a Passionist, Father (George) Ignatius Spencer preached at Notre Dame des Victoires on the conversion of England, after which the Abbé Desgenettes expanded the aims of the confraternity to include that intention, which explains one of the ex-votos in your Wikipedia link. The two priests remained lifelong friends and Father Ignatius visited Notre Dame des Victoires any time he was in Paris.

12:11 AM  
Blogger berenike said...

It was Our Lady of Victories at whose intercession St Therese was cured of whatever it was she had when she was still quite wee.

7:52 AM  
Anonymous Aumgn said...

Didn't Newman pray at Notre Dame des Victoires before/during/after his conversion?

11:47 PM  

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