Friday, May 08, 2009

A wee stooshie..

...last Friday and then on Monday in the paper Martin Kelly rightly calls 'a soft left confection of a newspaper written by people who live in Crown Road South for people who live in Crown Road South'.

Philosophers are a touchy lot, aren't they?

Might not have been a stooshie. Could have been a stramash. Or a rammie.

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Blogger Martin said...


More of a stramash than a rammie (whoever that consultant at the Royal is, I admire his fortitude for even reading that newspaper); yet the Professor von Fankles of our philosophy departments never cease to amaze. To quote Bertrand Russell from memory, and badly, Leibniz spent a great deal of time reassuring the queen of Prussia that it was a good and noble thing for her to oppress her serfs.

I'm reading Niall Ferguson's 'The War Of The World' at the moment, his best book thus far. He records that 15 out of 25 commanders of the SS Einsatzgruppen, the full boona extermination squads, held doctoral level degrees. Faithful and humble men with no learning are vastly more preferable to well credentialled barbarians.

6:36 AM  
Anonymous Paul said...


I pray it will be many years before I or a loved-one needs the attention of a physician with the particular skills of Dr Keeley. But if that day ever comes, I equally pray I might meet one with his moral courage.

I can never understand how some people consider being put down like a sick dog to be "dying with dignity"...

Great blog; thanks.

Paul from Cork

11:29 PM  

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