Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The unthinking bigotry of the euthanasiasts

I recently attended a GMC consultation on End of Life Issues. There was some bod from an outfit called Friends at the End there. I suspect the 'friends at the end' they have in mind are Jack Kervorkian and John Bodkin Adams. Ugggh!

After the consultation there were final questions. Said delegate had a question about Advanced Directives (I quote from memory, my emphasis):

"What about the situation where a patient has an advanced directive but an Irish Catholic nurse says that she was told in the middle of the night by the patient that he revoked the advanced directive?"

The point is ludicrous. Insofar as the advanced directive had any validity before, if the patient were unconscious by the morning it would imply a fluctuating conscious level and delirium implying incapacity and the normal rules governing such situations wold apply. If the patient were capax and conscious one could just ask them.

It is a telling illustration, however, of a few things. I imagine the anti-life squad are anti-life in part as a knee-jerk response to the teaching of the Catholic Church: if the Catholic Church teaches it I must oppose it. Also telling is the bogeyman in this man's head -Irish and Catholic - and probably lying in order to rescind an advanced directive.

Shameful and bigoted.

As a final point, I was struck by the fact that he wore a black shirt: Could have been a fashion statement or a political point he was making.

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Blogger Martin said...

Unfortuantely, the tieless black shirt, almost always accompanied by square-toed slip-on shoes, seems to be something of a uniform these days.

7:01 AM  

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