Friday, May 15, 2009

Solemn Vespers

Apologies to all those concerned for not posting earlier about this. I attended both the Plainchant and Polyphony Day and the subsequent celebration of Solemn Vespers by Archbishop Conti and priests of the Archdiocese according to the OF on the Fifth Sunday of Lent.

Credit to everyone involved: Fr Byrne and Dr MacMillan for leading a scratch group of singers in, I hope (it is always difficult to judge when listening to yourself!) a competent performance of the Chant and the two pieces of Lassus. Stephen Callaghan for running this as part of Lentfest. Archbishop Conti for celebrating and encouraging the celebration (his voice and accent were a surprise - that of a softly spoken Oxbridge don who might at some point have spent some time in Scotland). The priests involved for their time and support (including The Curate - and yes, your biretta was out by 90 degrees);-)

(I'm hiding behind the front row of bass singers in front of the Good Doctor)

I was surprised that I enjoyed singing polyphony so much (I've always been a bit anti - the singing of, by me, rather than the listening to) but I still think it might be too much to ask of the good people in the schola at our parish. Many thanks for the experience, though, Dr M. Most importantly, there was the opportunity for us to be aware of what we could do in the praise of Almighty God and building up the Faith through this. I am absolutely sure the celebration raised hearts and minds to God - both singers and the good people of St Pat's who came (including many young people)

My own plan for next year - a Plainchant celebration of Solemn Vespers in the OF for Easter in the University of Glasgow Chapel.

Anyone want to join me?

[The pictures of the Solemn Vespers are from The Catholic Herald]

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Anonymous Fr. Gerald Sharkey said...

Good to see the Vespers getting more publicity. Count me in for your Vespers next year (if you can bear my singing!)

4:37 PM  
Blogger Paulinus said...

Father what a graceless nerk I am - many apologies for not mentioning your vocal contribution.

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa

10:50 PM  
Anonymous Fr. Gerald Sharkey said...

If I thought you were a 'graceless nerk' I wouldn't offer to sing with you again! Hope your knee heals quickly so as not to interfere with your upcoming projects.

8:45 PM  
Blogger Aumgn said...

Why not indeed?

5:43 PM  

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