Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The prescient Mr Kelly

Something about the demise of Speaker Martin rang a bell in my head yesterday and I remembered a phrase from a piece by Martin Kelly (someone who understands the workings of the West of Scotland political mind - emphasis mine):

He has been a disgraceful Speaker, totally unsuited to an office demanding a higher level of political skill and finesse than he had ever before been seen to display. His elevation was Glasgow Labour politics in the raw, smeared across the United Kingdom - gie ra joab tae Big Mick.

When the cops came to the Palace of Westminster looking to intimidate a member of the House of Commons, Big Mick could have reverted to type and acted as the constitution's shop steward; but no, he waved them through.

Spot on Mr K. This has been coming for some time.

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Blogger Martin said...

Thanks, Paulinus.

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