Friday, May 22, 2009

Let him go peacefully

I am disappointed by the reaction of Archbishop Conti to the removal of Speaker Martin from his post. I have no doubt Mr Martin is a good man in his family and spiritual life. I have no doubt that he is regarded with affection by many in Glasgow and that he has done good in his constituency work. Given that he has presided over the current expenses farrago, that his own behaviour in this regard is questionable and given the jaw-dropping way he treated some members of the House on Monday, his removal was inevitable. He was not removed because he is a Tim, but because he was not up to the job. I'm not particularly confident in chairing meetings, so I do not seek such positions out. He should never have taken the job. Tragic, but he made that choice and once the choice was made, inevitable. That's the nature of tragedy.

More predictably, cat-impersonating, Arab-dictator courting, Inshallah citing, Gorgeous George:

English snobbery can do a morris dance of delight at the political demise of the Speaker, Michael Martin. The bigots have put the taigs back in their place. Above all the MPs desperately seeking solace from the evisceration of the expenses scandal hope this will be enough to staunch the haemorrhage in public confidence.

Read the whole thing. It's like reading an article by David Mellor blaming the demise of John Major on his being a Chelsea fan.

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