Thursday, April 02, 2009

Squeezing Out Pro-Lifers

Ever wonder why the old type of Labour Pro-Lifer is dying out in Parliament? David Lindsay is standing in the North West Durham at the next election and he knows why.

It works like this. The Labour Party imposes an All-Women Shortlist (usually in a safe seat). Said woman candidate needs funds to campaign and there exists an organisation that exists to provide such funds, Emily's List. As they explain, however, there are strings attached:

Who can apply?Any woman member of the Labour Party who is seeking selection as a candidate for the Scottish Parliament, the Welsh Assembly, the
European Parliament and Westminster may apply for an EMILY Grant. Applications must fulfil Labour Party criteria; support the programme and values of the Party and be pro-choice.

[My emphasis]

Very democratic.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eric Heffer quoted "The Magnificat" as the source of his political beliefs. I guess these folks would quote Herod's command to kill the Innocents.

My, what a difference the years make!

Debs has another unbelievably horrid post, here:

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