Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spot on, Your Eminence

Cardinal O'Brien sticks it to the Scottish Nomenklatura ('Moral cowardice' of Holyrood Ministers):

Cardinal O'Brien said: "Like the manic sorcerer whose spells have gone disastrously wrong, our politicians cannot control the urge to cast yet more spells upon the chaos.

"It is an approach that seems to be driven by moral cowardice."

He said that when a toddler is shot with an airgun, the immediate reaction is to regulate the sale of such weapons.

The cardinal added the SNP's alcohol blueprint, which could also see the minimum age for buying drink in shops increased to 18, was focused on "mitigating the effects" of binge drinking rather than dealing with the causes.

He concluded: "When our fellow citizens err and lapse we seldom focus on them or ask why they behaved as they did.

"Rather we rush to impose legal restraints on such action forgetting dangerously that no external restrictions can ever match the effectiveness of self-restraint."

The insistence on tackling the symptoms instead of the causes of Scotland's social problems was predicated on the assumption they are "immutable and unchangeable, he said.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

As I commented on my own blog, he did have a go at"this and previous admistrations" . Highlighting the current government is just more newsworthy.

But I agree. Good on him.

10:18 PM  

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