Wednesday, April 22, 2009

De Profundis – Fisking Bobby

My turn to fisk The Bitter Pill's pathetic attempts to do down Catholic bloggers

Blogs - a corruption of web-log [corrupt, eh? I see where you’re going here, Bobby] - were invented in America, [those darned colonials, eh? With their computers and fancy-dan goings on. The blighters!] where they still thrive, particularly among the political and religious right wing.[Yeah, man. Right wing. Like, fascists man, yeah?] What feeds the blogosphere's paranoia [ Tin-foil hat wearers, eh, Bobby?] is a sense of resentment that "they" - those in charge [That’s you, right? You da man, Bobby. You da man] - are engaged in a conspiracy against "us" ordinary folk. [I think you miss the point there, Bobby. It’s all about the fact that the media do not reflect the views of many people. People get a chance to voice their opinions without censorship. It’s called free speech. You have a problem with that?] The main media is regarded as part of that conspiracy, [Well that’s a bit rich given that those of your ilk have wittered on about the ‘right-wing’ press for years] which is why the internet - cheap, [unlike quality outlets like The Tablet, Bobby?] unregulated [I think you'll find the libel laws apply, Roberto, as with the dead tree press] and with unlimited capacity - has drawn the bloggers to itself. [You sound as though you really don’t like that idea that people might be able to speak for themselves and mirabile dictu – not agree with the editorial line of the Tablet] In Britain, too, there are Catholic bloggers, again often right-wing, polemical and vituperative. [I can’t really beat Ches for his systematic trashing of this particular strawman] The targets in this case often seem to include The Tablet, in some sort of fantastical conspiracy with the bishops.[are you denying that The Tablet does not reflect the views of a particular type of Catholic bishop?] Generally, blogs are far from an idealised forum for an exchange of intelligent ideas that would be constructive. [Why would that be Bobby? Because most British Catholic blogs don’t agree with you? Because you have been rightly derided? Because you can’t select the comments you want to hear as you do in the letters section of the Tablet? Or because they nailed your disgusting and malicious treatment of a good priest?] More often they indulge in straight poison-pen character assassination without reference to any requirements of accuracy or balance. [That, dear boy, is a case of the pot calling the kettle black when one bears in mind Ms Curti’s treatment of Fr Finigan]
Suing a blogger for libel can be a frustrating business, and Messrs McBride and Draper must have presumed that the Tory leaders would have had no stomach for it. But eventually the laws of privacy and defamation will have to catch up with this Wild West world, [Tell me, Bobby – what’s wrong with the law as it stands? If libelled, sue. Or is it that you want these pesky right-wing bloggers muzzled lest they snarl too much?] not least by stripping the anonymity which encourages an almost insane recklessness. [OK, how about you have signed editorials then, rather than hiding behind Ma Pepinster’s petticoats, Bobby?] There is a good subject here not just for libel lawyers but also for psychiatrists and moral theologians. [Bloggers – not just soon-to-be-illegal but mad and eeeeeeeeeeeeeviil. Puh-leaze!] What is it about a computer connection to the web that can turn a Dr Jekyll into a Mr Hyde? [A question you might well ask yourself the next time your rag defames a good priest]

I have not used this phrase before. Now is the time.


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Blogger Martin said...

What anonymity?

7:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love it!

7:51 PM  
Blogger Mac McLernon said...

Careful... you're infringing copyright!

(The fact that there will be more readers of the article through the blog than through the paper itself will have escaped these people!!)

9:57 PM  
Blogger Paulinus said...

Let them sue me.

10:02 PM  
Anonymous big benny said...

How exactly did The Tablet defame Fr F?

12:01 AM  
Blogger Paulinus said...

Insinuating financial irregularities, for a start...

8:42 AM  

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