Friday, April 24, 2009

A cabdriver writes

This week: Robert Mickens, cab no. 666

What do you think about these, oh, what are they called again? Bloggers! That's it! Bloggers, guv? Nasty lot, I reckon. Mouthing off about Latin Masses and bigging up the Pope. Who do they think they are, eh? Vituperative lot, they are. Right wing, too. I mean, you'd never get a quality journal like The Tablet engaging in the sort of innuendo and character assassination you get with these Catholic bloggers. Oh no, guv.

Do you know what I'd do with 'em. I'd sue 'em. Then I'd send 'em off to a psychiatrist for some therapy and a moral theologian for a good ticking off. Then I'd regulate them out of existence. Only language they understand.

It was Ecclestone Square you wanted wasn't it, guv? Oh, the Oratory. That'll be another £20, squire....



Blogger dillydaydream said...

I 'ad that Damian Thompson in the back of my cab once. Oi, Thompson, I said, can't you read? I don't care how holy it is - this is a non-smoking vehicle.

3:30 PM  

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