Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pub Quiz Answers #4

Everton FC run out to the theme from Z Cars.

It sounds as though it should be played by an Orange Flute Band. Odd as Everton was traditionally the 'Catholic' team in Liverpool but not to the same extent as the Rangers/Celtic thing.

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Blogger Mark said...

I've always been confused by this, as some people claim Everton are the Catholic club, while others say it's Liverpool.

According to toffeeweb.com, both clubs were formed out of the same Methodist chapel by middle-class Protestant freemasons.

It seems that Irish Catholic families started supporting Everton in the late 19th Century, and the link was strengthened in the 1950s when Everton signed a number of Irish players.

The people on toffeeweb.com try to play down any such connections, but, granted that the official Celtic website does the same, I'm not sure how much one can read into that.

One of the lapsed Catholics on toffeeweb has childhood recollections of nuns taking charitable donations at Goodison and the Salvation Army doing the same thing at Anfield.


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