Sunday, February 01, 2009


I went to Mass in a parish other than my own last week. The priest preached well and powerfully about St Paul (but was a little annoying in the way he switched the words of the Canon of the Mass around). Still, Mass is Mass. There were loads of Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion which is when a thought struck me:

Will the Benedictine reforns truly have struck home when the Extraordinary Form of Mass is celebrated in as many parishes as there are Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion?

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Blogger madame evangelista said...

Indeed. I know this is terribly sanctimonious of me, especially since I'm not even a baptized Catholic, but I find the commonplace use of unconsecrated hands to distribute the Eucharist deeply disturbing. Not that I don't see there's a need for them; but to my untrained eye they're obviously the norm rather than the exception.

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