Saturday, December 27, 2008

Laughing in the face of death.

It's nice to know that one can be funny and make a serious point about why we should resist moves to legalise euthanasia. David Mitchell does just that:

Legalising the right to die would weaken, in some people, the stubborn will to survive which is the cornerstone of our nature. Many would be seduced into finishing life in good order, clearing their desks. Millions of pensioners already dutifully sell their houses, move into care homes and take out insurance policies to pay for funeral expenses: they don't want to be a bother or a financial drain. It's not going to take much to make some of them give everything up - give up - just to be selfless and tidy. Only the selfish and messy will make old bones.

Well I'm selfish and messy. I never know when to leave a party. I make lists but I ignore them. I pack at the last minute using a stuffing motion that leaves trousers so wrinkled that when I put them on they don't fall below my knees for several hours. I have no intention of taking out a policy to cover my funeral expenses: my dead body is someone else's problem and my death will be my final and grandest act of littering. Someone had better clear me up or I'll spread disease.

Maybe when I come to die, I'll be desperate for it and have to go to Switzerland - although I might choose the Hilarias clinic where they dress you as a spotted dick and drown you in custard. But I hope not.

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